New Version of EPIC

Ford Equity Research, in conjunction with its sister company Intrinsic Research, announce the release of a new version of the EPIC research application. The new version offers improved access to Fordís daily fundamental data, proprietary research and stock selection models. Coverage includes the US data as well as the ability to access the ADR and Canadian databases. Users will find it easier to create screens, sectors, portfolios, reports, custom variables, custom stock selection models and graphic displays of historical data. The enhanced version utilizes a new Windows interface with enhanced navigation and calculation features. Data is accessed through secure, centralized servers utilizing the userís normal internet browser access port. The database and user custom calculations are automatically updated each evening and there are many enhancements listed below that substantially cut down access time to our research. We will be contacting clients to help them convert to the new version and will target phasing out the old Windows program by year end, 2016. For more information, contact Allison Cook at 800-842-0207 or info@fordequity.com.

The new version provides the capabilities of EPIC Windows plus the following enhancements:

  1. Database automatically updates each evening.
  2. Dropdown access to historical databases.
  3. Users' custom calculations are automatically updated.
  4. Batch operations to run mulitple screens or sectors (including saving sector averages, sector numbers and screen rankings) and export results as ticker or complete views.
  5. Improved variable import capability.
  6. Unlimited custom and import variable library; no need to save as "spare variables"
  7. Default to variables and universe or portfolio of your choice at program open.
  8. Expanded business descriptions.
  9. Access Ford Equity Research Reports.
  10. In depth income statement, balance sheet, cash flow data with ability to compute percent change, ratios, and active audit to see how the data is reported.
  11. Access from any computer
  12. Share portfolios with others in your firm or keep them private to your account
  13. Help videos
  14. Additional subscriptions to EPIC available: